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I want writing Overview of design of MSc dissertation plan – start from( july ) into (December) Title of the dissertation project ( EVALUATING THE LIBRARY SERVICES TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ) 1- Excel project schedule 2- draw Gantt chart (A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Terminal elements and summary elements comprise the work breakdown structure of the project.) 3 Planning and staging your deadlines 4 ORGANISING YOUR WEEKLY SCHEDULE Draw a typical week’s timetable . 3.1.2 MAPPING OUT THE WEEKS AHEAD OF YOU Do not just bumble along for the first few weeks, thinking you have 6 months ahead of you to spend on your dissertation. At the outset, and preferably in collaboration with your supervisor, map out a timetable of sub-tasks and interim deadlines on the following grid, or something like it adapted to your own needs. Undergraduate dissertations are likely to be shorter and have less time for study and any primary research than postgraduate dissertations, so bear this in mind. Look at this example of an action plan, and devise one for yourself, which is suitable for your own context, subject discipline and length of time available. Wk no. Main task to be completed by end of this week: Find time this week also to explore: Possible interim deadlines 1 Background reading Follow interesting ‘trails’, until one leads to a provisional question or ‘thesis’ 2 Finalise topic and title More background and focused reading on your chosen aspect of the topic Agreement of title 3 Literature search – what has already been written about your topic? Seek out up-to-date resources, asking for help from library staff Investigate methodological issues, implications of particular methods and ethical issues. See the Developing an Effective strategy Guide and Using Endnote Bibliographic Software Guide for help with constructing and maintaining a bibliography Brief annotated bibliography 4 Dissertation plan, informed by your literature search Reflect on methodological issues in writing and revising your dissertation plan Overview of design of dissertation plan 5 Develop dissertation plan Begin to conduct your research and gather evidence or data 6 Gathering evidence or data 7 Gathering evidence or data Begin to analyse evidence or data 8 Gathering evidence or data Begin to analyse evidence or data 9 Use initial findings to begin to draft the dissertation Continue to analyse and evaluate evidence or data Interim report to supervisor 10 Refine assignment plan and develop draft, referring to self-evaluation checklist in Section 4 Focus on adopting an appropriate academic tone and style, together with accurate, reader-friendly presentation of evidence 11 Continue drafting and refining 12 Complete draft Refine style Completed draft 13 Apply self-evaluation checklist again Last refinements of written style and presentation; final check of data and its presentation 14 Produce final assignment Submit dissertation Take your plan to a meeting with your supervisor. It will help to structure your discussion and should impress him or her.

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