Writing your Project: Guidance Academic Essay

Making a timetable Good projects follow a timetable setting out when you plan to do things. This should identify the major stages that you will need to go through in completing the project. This, of course, will be subject to amendment as you proceed but careful thought at the outset will help you to become aware of the challenges that you set yourself. Topic definition Your topic has already been defined in the project proposal. Please pay attention to the feedback you receive in order to improve on this. Failure to do this seriously undermines the quality of your final project. As a reminder, your topic must be within the fields of social work, health or youth work and that it is worthy of exploration at degree level. Perhaps the best question that you can ask yourself is whether it will enable you to complete the Learning Outcomes of the module. Setting your aim and objectives An aim contains active verbs, which state what you propose to do. For example you may aim: to examine a recent government initiative to reform the provision of adult mental health care and discuss its impact on professional practice to analyse the role of interest groups and the voluntary sector in determining social care practice at a national and local level for disabled children to evaluate the impact of recent residential childcare reforms for service professionals and users You need to consider whether the aim and objectives actually describe what you intend to do, whether the aim is realistic and whether it reflects the requirements for analytical rigour that are expected at this level (for further guidance see project proposal template). Ethical and Anti-oppressive Practice Considerations You must demonstrate that you have a systematic understanding and application of ethical issues related to diversity and human rights/social justice in the context of the subject area. The literature review You need to be aware of and demonstrate knowledge of the available literature on the subject area of your Project. Information on how to conduct a literature review will be undertaken during the module: SW6P00 Research and Evaluation Skills for Professional Practice. Your Project literature review should demonstrate that you have a good idea of the major areas of the literature in your topic area, including the following: Context e.g. legal issues, policies, demographics, historical background Theory and practice- related to the topic and / or the study of the topic Key studies / research that have been undertaken, which relate to your study or that are important to how people study or think about your topic Nature of Research Studies You must engage with the nature of the research studies you are reviewing, i.e. are the studies based on qualitative or quantitative research? Are you able or unable to generalize as you analyse and draw your conclusions? You are expected to formulate thematic headings and subheadings based on your objectives and literature findings in this section. Remember: The Project requires students to draw upon current literature, including (electronic) journals, research reports and web-based materials, as well as books to study a practice related topic in depth. A literature review ensures that you are not merely repeating work already completed by other researchers. Discussion about the assessment task completed during the module SW6P00 Research and Evaluation Skills for Professional Contexts forms the basis for the first meeting with your supervisor. Planning the final Project From early on, you should have a conception of what the final document should look like. This will initially take the form of chapter headings as tentatively outlined in your project proposal. As you proceed this should become more precise as you develop section headings based on thematic areas identified and begin to write the early parts such as the literature review. Your supervisor will be interested to see an up-to-date version of your plan as you proceed through the semester. Writing up: drafting and redrafting Writing up is a process rather than an event. There is nothing worse than a blank sheet of paper or an empty word processing page! Hence the importance of your plan and the need to refine it as you proceed through your studies. It is always helpful to commit ideas to paper or computer and then refine them after some time for reflection. You should also plan in advance so that your supervisor has time to read a draft of a section. Analysis and conclusions At degree level, you must be ana PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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