Writing,and adding to the file I already started.

Hi, I already started writing this. Add to the first part under participants and methods general information about quantitative methods types then explain the cross sectional design for the study and why it is selected based on the research questions and aims( see attached file for them) as this research explores and looks and relationships. also you could start the chapter with few sentences by what this chapter includes and what this study about. In the measures section I wrote brief description, but as a chapter here you need need to talk about them in detail since their development. I will attach the references that I have for each scale later and you should add to them as you find. You will find the main document that I started for this chapter under the name of Methods Chapter. and other document including research questions and study aims for your information. Also you will find other file under the name of Examples including some examples for scales written in other dissertation but not all of the scales included in the file.

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