Youth Gang Violence Academic Essay

12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins APA style guidelines Should cite at least 10 quality sources (i.e. peer reviewed journal articles, government websites, books, official reports, etc.) Your capstone project should include the following parts: An introduction and literature review (6-8 pages) o Describe the nature and extent of the crime and justice issue in Mississippi and throughout the country. (For example: Which crime and justice issue did you choose? How often does it occur in Mississippi? Has it risen or declined in recent years? What problems does it cause? How often does it occur in other parts of the country, especially in places similar) o Present theoretical explanations (drawn from the literature) for the occurrence of this crime. (For example: Which criminological theories have been used to explain this crime and justice issue? In your opinion, which theory best applies to this issue in the Mississippi? Explain why this theory is applicable to this crime and justice issue.) o Discuss current policies from other cities that address this crime and justice issue. (What have other cities done to address this crime and justice issue? Were their efforts effective? If so, give evidence to support their effectiveness?) Proposed policy o You will describe in detail a policy that you feel will be effective in addressing this crime and justice issue in Mississippi. (Is there a policy that was used somewhere else that you think would be effective? Do you have ideas for a policy that would work to address the crime and justice issue in Mississippi? Design a policy, or outline one that has already been done somewhere else, and describe it in detail. Implications of your proposed policy o You will explain the effect that you expect your policy to have on the city of Mississippi. (How do you think your policy will affect this crime and justice issue? What barriers will you face in implementing this policy? What resources will you need? Do you think this policy could be replicated in other similar cities?)

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